A.M.R Tanaka Reina’s Graduation Single Rockの定義

It is almost time to say goodbye to the second longest running member in Morning Musume history Reina Tanaka. Honestly I am sad to see her go and even more sad that she will not lead Morning Musume into a new generation of awesomeness. But alas, it was not meant to be and though saddened we can look on the bright side that at least she will be active in her new J-rock band.  With that said we get a glimpse of Tanaka’s  new future with her graduation Music video and song called  Rockの定義 , Rock no Teigi, and in English Definition of Rock. With the title being so defining it really leaves much anticipation, but can this song define rock?


The song is very soft for being the “definition of rock” even the lyrics are tame. While the song is catchy and it signifies everything that Morning Musume stands for, it does not give a clear definition of who Tanaka Reina is as a lead vocalist for a rock band. With that said this is more pop than it is J-rock, I say this with all seriousness. If this is the music Tsunku will produce with Reina’s new group it would be a total shame to call them J-rock. In the song towards the end the song  has a really awesome guitar solo that sounds very much rock, but one guitar solo out of the whole song does not make it rock. The song it itself is not the “definition of rock” it is both sad and disappointing. Looking at this as just another Morning Musume song with out J-rock being part of the factor than the song is okay.


Reina has always been one of my favorites in Morning Musume, but I would not go as far as saying she is one of the best vocalists to come out of the group. I disagree with Tsunku when he said she was the third best vocal to enter Morning Musume. Even in this song I find that she has her up and downs, sometimes her voice is strong in a lower tone which I prefer, and other times her voice is high and strained and anime like. With this I am not convinced she will do well in the J-rock genre. Will she have fans? Of course she is one of the most popular members right now compared to current and former members.

Music Video and Style

田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-__.jpg

The music video is very punk rock so it goes with the overall feel and dynamic Reina Tanaka will be going  as she enters the J-rock genre. I love the current fashion trends in this music video. The cut out long sleeve sweater shirt and knee high boots are awesome. Skulls are a big thing in fashion right now and she represented them well. I also like the metal cage she is in, it goes with the song and gives  the feeling of being trapped which contrasts the  scenes of the classroom  with the disco balls that give a sense of breaking through and freedom. The music video and fashion out shined the actual song and vocals for this music video.


Without a dance to talk about and with the very basic and simple music video I can’t really think of more to say. I was utterly unsatisfied with the song as I do not think this is J-rock, this is J-pop with some minor rock influences. The fashion and music video stylings made up somewhat for the lack of interest I had in the actual song. I hope that the debut of her band is better than this, and I hope Tsunku will try and keep the integrity of J-rock in their sound rather than letting it be completely J-pop. We will have to wait and see  the ability of the band members, and the caliber of music they can produce, as for now this is not much to bridge the gab between now and their actual debut.

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